Not Your Average Detox

Not Your Average Detox

Part Two

I don’t know how he does it. I’m not even sure he knows he’s doing it or how much I need it but my fiancĂ© always knows when I need a break. I probably get cranky! 😉 

Anyway, I could have worked but he talked me into going to the beach. I hadn’t been to the island in years. It was the best decision I’ve made all week! It was cool and windy. Parts of the beach were al little crowded but nothing like it would have been in the middle of the summer. We parked and walked out to one of the rock jetties. The salty wind in my face and the crashing waves were like therapy. I felt like I was being rejuvenated as I stood there. I could have stayed there all day. 

After lunch, we decided to take the ferry back to the mainland.  Never before have I ever seen so many dolphins! It was such a neat experience. It was the first time I’d ever seen more dolphins than crabs at the beach. Don’t get me wrong, crabs are cute and interesting to watch but I felt privileged to see so many dolphins! 

By the time the ferry reached land and we had to get back in the car to prepare for departure, I felt so replenished. Even kinda lucky! I really appreciated the day and all of its events. I was especially thankful for my thoughtful fiancĂ©. 

You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with my detox but this was exactly what I needed as I was sheading all this unnecessary crap. I felt like the ocean washed away all the baggage, worry and anxiety sitting in front of a screen saddled me with. Social media was making my world too big. I would worry about all of the homeless pets that had been abused or were in danger of euthanasia. I was overwhelmed by all the reposted news stories concerning child abuse and the plethora of children with cancer. I didn’t realize how much it’d all been weighing me down. 

But, when I left social media behind and ventured out into my own backyard, I saw dolphins, pelicans, sailed across the bay and enjoyed a beautiful day with my fiancĂ©. I realized that I could be happier and more productive with less. I could experience life more by sharing less. I can make a difference in my own neighborhood by picking up a little trash or helping a neighbor instead of reposting to raise awareness. Awareness campaigns are great but just because people are aware doesn’t mean anything is actually being done to improve the situation. I know I can’t change the world but I can change someone’s world. Helping one person or animal makes a difference in their life and that’s what matters. Social media, like most other things, is fine in moderation. It always comes down to finding balance. 

Obviously, this is turning into a three parter but I am not teasing you. I will share my recipes in part three. The social media portion of my detox has been more powerful than I realized. I’m not second guessing myself or wondering where I fit in. I am just enjoying life. So many things that seemed to matter so much just don’t anymore. My first thought when I see something spectacular isn’t “Oh, I need to post this!” anymore. It’s more like, “Don’t look away! Enjoy this. Take it all in. Relish in this experience and the people you are sharing it with. Capture this memory in your mind forever instead of interrupting the moment with a flash and a post”. 

I recently upgraded to a new iPhone. I backed up all of my pictures, apps, contacts, everything. No one wants to lose important pictures or contacts. Unfortunately, I did. I used an app to create photo collages. It was like a scrapbook of my life over the last five years. It has always made the transfer but this time it didn’t. It’s all gone. Five years worth of memories, gone! I emailed the app developer and they were just as puzzled. Nothing could be done to recover what I’d lost. 

Sure, I’ll still capture some moments on camera and I love looking at the photos I’ve printed and hung around the apartment. Those memories make me smile but I didn’t get any pictures of the dolphins either and thinking of them makes me smile too. Photos don’t capture the companionship I felt sharing that experience with my fiancĂ©. Photos don’t capture the wind, the salt water or the sunshine. All of those things are captured in my mind. That’s better than a photograph. 

Actually living life seems to be quite a bit more fulfilling than trying to prove to others that I am living and enjoying life. 

Stay sexy and stay tuned for part three and all the recipes, Spoonies! I promise they’re on the way! 

I Met Someone

I Met Someone

There is so much going on in my head right now, it’s a challenge trying to keep it all straight. Classes starting next month brings me one step closer to Washington. I’ve been scared to death over the thought of moving several states away. I’ve never lived anywhere but Texas. I’ve hardly ventured out at all, certainly not on my own. Every place I’ve ever been to still touches Texas. My fiancĂ© is the one that wants to move so I still won’t be doing it alone but I would be without my family.
Several years ago, I considered moving to another city in Texas. Texas is so big though so I would have been hours from my family. When my sister found out, she got so upset and begged me to stay. My parents reacted the same way when I wanted to go to Stephen F. Austin University. Again, all this was still in Texas and these people were acting like I was moving to Antartica. So, I know they won’t react well when we decide to make the move to Washington. Luckily, I don’t think they read my blog. Is it just me, or are they being selfish? I am already suffering enough anxiety about the situation. Knowing they are going to have adverse reactions only makes it worse. So they’ll miss me. I’ll miss them too but is that really a good enough reason to smother my dreams? My mother’s health issues have made me realize that my parents are getting older and unhealthier. But does that mean I should postpone my plans?
I am a wreck thinking about it but I still want to go! I’ve heard such wonderful things about Washington. I’ve known some really neat people from up there and I feel like my fiancĂ© and I would fit in really well there and love it. I find myself daydreaming about living in an oceanfront condo. No mosquitoes, just the brisk salty air blowing in my hair! Honestly, I’ve never been so terrified of something I wanted so much.
Okay, I know this is going to sound insane, especially since I’m not a believer in the Devine or anything else really. But, I feel like the universe has sent me someone to calm all my fears. I met her substituting and she is absolutely wonderful. We have so much in common and hit it off right from the moment we met. Then, I discovered she is going to WGU and loves it. Just meeting someone that goes to the same online college where I’m about to start classes has already put my mind at ease. This is the best part though, she is from Washington! We already have a date to discuss what it’s really like up there. The series of events that have taken place in the last couple of days, really since my last post, have put my mind at ease and made me feel like I’m making the right decisions. Everything is falling into place so I must be doing something right, right?
This blog isn’t supposed to be so personal but I’ve had a lot weighing on my mind lately. I’ve chosen another very personal picture for my featured image this week. This is my Granny standing on the beach. This woman has always given me strength but I wish she was still here because I could really use some of her guidance as well.

Be confident, be sexy!