Not Your Average Detox

Not Your Average Detox

Part Three

 I just realized I didn’t weigh before I started this process but this is a detox not a weight loss cleanse. It has certainly gotten things moving, if you know what I mean. I’ve been trying to eat at least three apples a day in addition to other fruits and vegetables. More fermented foods too. I love sourkraut! 

So, this detox seems to be great for my IBS-C. Plus, I do feel like be shed a couple of pounds, at least. 

I had some fantastic results from the DIY wrap too! I left it on for about two hours and it took off two inches from my waist an an inch from my thighs. I’ll measure again after 72 hours and see if it lasted or improved. 


Spicy Tumeric Ginger Detox Drink

The original recipe can be found here.

I loved this tea so much because it really made me feel great and it smelled amazing! I want to make it at least once a month. 


  • 6-inch piece of fresh Ginger
  • 1 teaspoon Turmeric
  • 2 Cinnamon sticks- I used 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon because it’s what I had at home but next time I will get cinnamon sticks. 
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground Cayenne
  • Raw Honey and Lemon added for personal taste. 


Peel ginger and slice thinly. Use the side of the knife to smash the ginger (exposing more surface area).

Add ginger slices to a saucepan with 6 cups of water and bring to a boil. Turn the heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes.

Add the cinnamon sticks, turmeric, and cayenne. Simmer for another 10 minutes.

Strain into a mug and Stir in a spoonful of honey and squeeze of lemon.

I drank one pot a day for three days and I’d just leave it simmering on the stove all day because it smelled so wonderful. I left a lid on it so it wouldn’t evaporate. This is going to be my favorite way to warm up this winter! 

Green Tea Body Wrap

The original recipe can be found here


  • Ace bandage (or some type of fabric that can absorb water and be wrapped around the body. I used towels).
  • Plastic wrap
  • 2 cups of water
  • 3 Green tea bags 
  • 1/4 cup sea salt
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil  
  • 1 cup of drinking water


Bring 2 cups water to boil with most of the salt and tea bags.

Drink the cup of water before wrapping

Let the water boil for 2 minutes then allow it to cool. 

 While the water is boiling, combine the remaining salt (about 2 tbsp) with the coconut oil and massage into the area(s) you plan to wrap.

Unroll the ace bandage and soak it in the salt water tea until it soaks up the liquid. 

Tightly wrap oiled areas. Make sure the water is not too hot but still warm! 

Lock in the heat and moisture by wrapping the bandaged areas with plastic wrap.

I doubled the recipe so I could to my waist and thunder thighs. I stayed wrapped for about two hours. 

My measurements after the wrap- 

Waist 2 inches smaller! After 72 hours, I shrank another inch!

Thighs were one inch smaller and there was no change after 72 hours. 

Invigorating Citrus Detox Bath



  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 2 cups Epsom salt
  • 1 orange, sliced
  • A couple drops of peppermint essential oil and a drop of orange oil
  • 1 cup of drinking water


Drink the cup of water. 

Add all ingredients to a hot fresh bath. Swirl the water to help the salt and soda dissolve and enjoy. 

I like to rub the orange slices on my skin. It is very invigorating and really seems to curb the fatigue in my upper body. Sometimes a bath can be exhausting and leave me feeling drained but not with the oranges! I started adding peppermint oil because it smells fantastic and soothes my head. 

Hydration is key! Especially when detoxing. I always bring a cold bottle of water with me and try to finish it before I get out of the bath. 

Yoga or a massage during detox to move toxins through the body to encourage the release of lymphatic fluids. Always drink water before doing any kind of detox. If your body is dehydrated, it won’t be able to move the toxins out of the body. Think of it like an internal rinse. 

Stay sexy Spoonies and happy detoxing!

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TBT: Before Fibromyalgia

TBT: Before Fibromyalgia

I stumbled upon that picture of my cat from four years ago. Her indoor kitty life has been rather uneventful but my life has been turned upside down between then and now. 

About a year after this sweet little kitten came into my life, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was already in the process of trying to improve my life. Time to grow up, I thought. So in my early 20s, I quit partying all the time and started doing yoga and eating healthy. I shed 80 pounds (half I believe due to gastroperesis, half due to hard work and self discipline). I was running a couple of miles at least a few times a week. I was so happy, healthy and in love. 

I am happy, healthy and just as much in love now but learning to be positive despite chronic illness has been a challenge. There are still days that I don’t feel happy and healthy at all. I’ve changed so much, friends from just four years ago wouldn’t recognize me based on looks or personality. 

I was an angry youth. Well, sad. Anger keeps you from crying and I pushed people away so I wouldn’t be vulnerable. I was downright mean. I thought I was protecting myself but really, I just caused a lot of pain. Pain for myself as well as the people around me. The world seemed like such a harsh and cruel place. I didn’t know yet that I was an HSP so I smothered my feelings any way I could but nothing could truly soothe my heartache. 

I read Atheist Yoga. That’s where I started to evolve into the person I am today. I didn’t expect yoga would lead to meditation. Now, I would consider myself spiritual after identifying as an atheist most of my life. 

The first year after my fibromyalgia diagnosis was pretty rough. I’d been in a couple car accidents. I believe that plus the piiriformis syndrome are what triggered the fibromyalgia. I didn’t even know what fibromyalgia was and I thought that Cymbalta commercial was stupid. “Depression hurts, Cymbalta can help.” So, I felt like I deserved it for being a bitch. You really can’t help thinking thoughts like that, at least at first, when you can’t get out of bed and you don’t understand why you’re in such excruciating pain. 

Such pain changes the way you think. It’s inevitable. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. I’m more compassionate and understanding towards people. I hated posts like this when I was first diagnosed. I was so bitter. But now, I actually like who I am. I was trying to better myself before I became chronically ill but my spiritual side was dead. I felt abandoned by the Christian God. I felt let down by society. So, in my pain, I did not turn to God for comfort. It just kinda crept up on me and I slowly and unknowingly accepted it. 


Meditation has been the most helpful tool for pretty much everything in my life. I’m less angry and anxious. I feel connected to the universe, whatever that means. I feel like I have purpose. I feel like I can handle whatever life throws at me. I don’t feel the need to self sabotage, self destruct. Bad days are just days. 

I don’t hate my anxiety and my fears or my chronic illnesses. They are as much a part of me as my better qualities. It’s all part of what makes me special. It gives me a unique perspective and purpose. This is my life now and I love my life. I haven’t just changed. I’ve evolved. 

Spoonie Dating

Spoonie Dating

I know how scary it can be to put yourself out there but we can’t let our chronic illnesses, anxiety or whatever else keep us from living life to the absolute fullest. You deserve to have someone in your life that really cares for you and wants to see you happy.

I’ve been compiling a list of spoonie friendly dating sites and I’ve discovered a few friend making sites as well. I am lucky enough to have an amazing partner but I could always use more friends!

Spoonie Dating Tips-

Most of these will probably sound cliche but they’re important, none the less.

  • Let’s start with the biggest cliche and just get it out of the way. Be yourself. Yep, I said it. I know. I wanted to place emphasis here because sometimes, with chronic illness, we feel like we don’t even know ourselves. I know I’m not the same person I was before I was struck with all my lovely ailments. So, it’s important not to hide your disabilities and your anxieties. You are wonderful. If your date can’t handle it, you want to find out as soon as possible.
  • Get used to rejection. It’s nothing personal, really. Some people just aren’t willing to take the time to get to know you. They might just be looking for a booty call. If that’s all you’re looking for, great! But, if you want more, don’t settle for someone who isn’t willing to put in the quality time.
  • If they want to spend time with you, they’ll find a way! No matter how busy either of you are and despite any limitations, if you meet someone genuinely interested in you, they will do all they can to find a way to spend time with you.
  • You are worthy! Remember that and don’t settle for an abusive relationship just because you are lonely. There is someone out there waiting to treat you like the Queen (or King) you truly are.
  • Leave the past behind you. It’s hard, maybe impossible to build a healthy relationship if you are always carrying around old baggage or worrying that your new partner is going to cheat on you, leave you or tell you you’re not good enough. You are more than good enough. Never forget that. Dwelling on the past won’t help your future.
  • Relax. First date, blind date, reconnected on Facebook after 20 years, whatever, just RELAX. Have a good time. Don’t worry about getting asked on a second date or the goodnight kiss. Play your heart out at mini golf, cry during the movie. If your date sees you having a genuinely good time, they’ll relax too and everyone will have more fun even if you don’t connect on a romantic level.
  • Trust yourself. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t feel bad for canceling or going home early. You are not obligated to do anything. Who cares if you seem a little rude? You have to take care of yourself first.
  • Be honest. Be upfront about your condition and your illnesses. You don’t have to pull out your medical records or tell your whole life story on the first date but ensure you aren’t pushing your boundaries too far. If you need your cane, take it. You are still rocking that dress!
  • A relationship is not like a home improvement project. You have to accept the person for who they are and the way they are and they must show you the same respect. You can’t paint over their flaws and polish their rough edges. You must embrace them because that’s what makes them a unique individual. Too unique for you? Be courteous and let them go. There is someone more fitting for you out there.
  • Compromise. You may have to make compromises to make the relationship work but never compromise your values. Compromise on dinner not your stance on abortion or whatever.

I know you know all this but the dating world can be intimidating at first. It’s important to stay true to yourself if you want to find someone you can be truly happy with.

Spoonie Dating Sites-

  • Dating 4 Disabled “Dating For Disabled is an online dating service for people with disabilities. We are a community where disabled singles can find love & friendship. Dating4Disabled is the number one disabled dating site, and registration is one hundred percent free!”
  • Disabled PassionsA 100% FREE online dating & social networking community specifically for singles with a disability. Meeting new people can sometimes be more difficult when you are dealing with a disability. Whether you are interested in dating, making new friends, or more, Disabled Passions is here for you. Use the Disability Groups option to find others dealing with Arthritis, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, Mobility Issues, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Cord Injury or any of a number of other issues. Sign up now to enjoy free chat, message boards and email.
  • Soulful Encounters “ works with various disabled people and organizations to connect those who are physically and medically disabled and provide support, friendship, and a love filled social networking community. This is your opportunity for a brighter and richer life. Join now – it’s free.”
  • Christian Disabled Dating “Being Disabled Doesn’t Mean You Have to Give up on Love. Create Your FREE Profile Today and Start Meeting Other Disabled Christian Singles in Your Local Area.”
  • Disability Match “Find genuine fun and intimacy with disabled singles. Specialist created this site to help people like you meet single adult men and women who share your disability, condition or life challenge within a friendly vibrant disabled community.”
  • Disability Dating “ is a free disabled dating site aimed at playing disabled cupid to people with disabilities who are seeking fun, friendship, love, romance and dating online. We aim to enable love, dating, friendship and romance by matchmaking in a safe, fun, online dating environment.”
  • Meet Disabled Singles “We’ve quickly become the most popular matchmaking agency when it comes to helping handicapable people. Spend a couple of minutes and let us be your cupid that helps you find new friends, lasting love or possibly even marriage. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find your bride, but we can guarantee that you’ll have your chance to get in touch with people looking to improve their life by finding love. Our members are united and ready to show you that your love life doesn’t have to suffer because of your disability. Create your account today for free, build your profile and start chatting with other members instantly.”
  • No Longer Lonely “We are a welcoming community that understands the trials and pitfalls of managing a mental illness. Find friends or seek romantic relationships knowing that everyone on this site has some form of mental illness.”

Friend Making Sites-

  • Girlfriend Social “Girlfriend Social is website that connects women with new female friendships. This website is for Ladies only, who just like you, are looking to make platonic women friendships. Inside women can make new friends with fabulous ladies in a safe and friendly environment.”
  • Make Friends Online “Whether you’re looking for a free great online dating agency or a place to hang out and chat with a few friends, you’ll find everything you need at MakeFriendsOnline. Millions of people from around the world are looking to meet other singles on dating websites. It’s never been easier to meet other singles on your terms, when you want and with who you want. has over 1,5 mln register members and is one of the largest online dating sites.”
  • Not 4 Dating “ is a totally new way to expand your social network. We’re here to help you meet platonic friends online and then connect in real life.”
  • Disabled United “A great way to interact with other like minded people, share your views, information, advice and interests.”

Put your-sexy-selves out there, Spoonies! Have fun and stay safe!

Happy Awareness Day

Happy Awareness Day

When I was first diagnosed, I was depressed, distraught and in excruciating pain. I had no idea what fibromyalgia was or how much it would change my life. 

I have always had a history of getting sick when I was depressed. I felt so useless at one time in my life, I completely stopped caring about myself and caring for myself. I ate poorly and infrequently. I was drinking a lot of alcohol. Too much. I knew it was too much. My immune system got so low, I got shingles. After trying to remain so numb for so long, I’d never felt such pain. I still have scars around my torso and it was just the beginning of people telling me “You’re too young for that!” Hearing that is like being stabbed in the heart. I know I’m too young to feel this way. That doesn’t change anything. 

The alcoholics in my life left me with a distorted view of what a functional human being should be. I won’t go into the details of my childhood or how I spiraled out of control or how I almost died. It’s all too much. Maybe, I’m just not ready. Maybe, I’ll write a book one day. Maybe, it’s not that important anymore. All I will say is that my childhood, my life, has been magical. Very much like a fairy tale with good and evil. I have always battled depression and social anxiety, like I was just born that way. 

I was actually really happy and healthy when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was in the best shape of my life. I’d learned a lot about myself and found someone wonderful to share my life with. I was eating healthier and working out. I’d lost 80 pounds. Half of which I’m pretty sure I lost through lifestyle changes but the other 40 pounds should probably be attributed to intestinal issues. I was diagnosed with IBS but that doesn’t complete the puzzle. I am quite certain I also suffer from gastroparesis but without insurance, doctors don’t want to waste  time on me. I can’t afford all the tests and honestly, I should see a neurologist for all of this head pain I can’t control and worry about not being able to eat later. At least I’m skinny! 😉 I’ve never been able to say that before. I know being healthy is much more important and I’m going to try and address these issues as soon as possible. 

Anyway, I’d been in a couple car wrecks and injured my back working out. I just couldn’t get better. I spent months in bed before finally going to the doctor. So, came the fibromyalgia diagnosis and the long hard road to where I am at now. I’ve had to make a lot of changes in my life to cope with the fibromyalgia, the brain fog, the pain. I still can’t work full time but I am back in school, I do yoga, I write. The most important discovery that I have made is learning that I am an empath, a highly sensitive person. I feel the emotions of others. They manifest through me. I self medicated to escape these feelings. Now, I’ve learned to embrace them. I have a desire to understand them. It helps be connect with people better and help them. 

Fibromyalgia sucks. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but it’s helped me discover who I am, who I want to be. I am learning to embrace who I am instead of running from myself. 

I am the face of fibromyalgia! 

Stay sexy spoonies! 

Google said the image is from this board on Pinterest. 

Encouraging Thunder

Encouraging Thunder

I was recently nominated for the Encouraging Thunder blogging award for my honesty. I started this blog to raise awareness and help women like me feel sexy. Having a chronic illness can darken your outlook if you’re not careful. I started this blog to combat that, to bring people together and create a community of strong women.

It’s been almost a year since I started this blog and I believe I have done that and more. This blog has evolved into more than I could have hoped for. I am grateful for the support I’ve received, friends I’ve made and all that I’ve learned. I’ve tried to facilitate understanding and educate the loved ones of those with chronic illness but when life gets in the way and I don’t have the spoons to research comfy lingerie or organic sex toys, my followers (you guys!) provided endless support and encouragement. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

All I can do now, is continue to bring you quality information and hope that this blog is as uplifting to you as it has been for me.

I would like to thank meANXIETYme for the nomination and thank everyone who reads, shares and comments on my posts. I greatly appreciate all your support. I was hesitant to start this blog because I am not a sexologist, therapist or expert of any kind. I wasn’t sure if I would have the spoons to keep up or if anyone would care about what I had to say. I’ve cried through writing many of the update posts and at first, the vulnerability sent my anxiety through the roof but now, I see how understanding and supportive people can be. Do I dare say that this blog has actually restored my faith in humanity? It certainly has shown me how kind the world can be. So, I graciously accept this nomination. Here is a little more info about this particular award.

Encouraging Thunder is originated from one of nature’s true powers, a crack of thunder from the sky. From the ancient Greek God myth, the most powerful god Zeus uses thunder to banish his enemy. Encouraging Thunder is a symbol that only god can judge us…
Thunder creates a powerful addition to the blog as an awesome blog award. Raymond, founder, was bestowed upon a thunder medallion by the great nature so he can create a powerful spell Encouraging Thunder to grant powerful protection to other bloggers. It’s a special spell that only bloggers who has true purpose in their life can master it.

Award Rules

What you can do with Encouraging Thunder award?

  • Post it on your blog
  • Grant other bloggers with the award

What you can’t do with Encouraging Thunder award?

  • Abuse or misuse the logo
  • Claim that it’s your own handmade logo

What you should do after receiving Encouraging Thunder award:

  • Enjoy the award
  • At least gives thanks via comments and likes and or mentioning the blog who give the award.
  • Mention your purpose in blogging

This award does not require a certain number of nominations but there are a couple of bloggers that I feel really deserve it.


Well, turns out there are more than a couple…. I just enjoy these blogs so much and after reading about this award, I feel like they really do deserve it, for their honesty, courage and generosity. And talent! Can’t forget that! 😉

Gentle Kindness


Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain

Tristyn’s Health Blog


Anna Bayes

Hubert’s Best

Thank you! Happy blogging! Stay sexy Spoonies!

$122.95/ Month to Maintain

$122.95/ Month to Maintain

It’s been a difficult year. I can’t believe it’s already a third of the way over. Seems like life gets exponentially more difficult and more expensive as time passes. I guess I was supposed to become exponentially more awesome and successful to compensate. Whoops! 

I’ve been having a really difficult time lately with my hormones. This battle is really kicking my ass. The side effects from the other medication were becoming too severe so my doctor took me off of those and put me on birth control. It’s finally the end of the first month and my body has been having trouble adjusting. I’m now starting my second period for the month. So exhausting! My night sweats and migraines have been worse. I’m incredibly emotional and I’ve gained five pounds. 


It’s not like I haven’t been trying but I still feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water. I’m behind in my classes due to the increase in the severity and frequency of my migraines. I’ve even started foam rolling my neck. It provides quite a bit of relief but it’s not enough to allow me to study as much as I need to. I don’t even have time to write. I’m only posting now because it’s so therapeutic. 

I finally added the cost of my supplements and meds to my monthly budget. I’ve been neglecting adding it all up because I didn’t want to know how much I was spending. I feel guilty about it even though I know I shouldn’t. I am spending $122.95 a month to function with fibromyalgia. I treat my cluster headaches and fibromyalgia naturally. I’m on prescriptions to help manage my IBS, migraines and allergies. I forgot to factor in the cost of my nasal spray but I buy it in bulk because I can get it so much cheaper. Also, I either forget to use it or can’t because I’m too stuffed up so what I have will probably last a while. 

I decided to finally budget that in because the household has already gone through some changes with the addition of the dog but there is likely to be some other major changes. School will be out soon and I will lose that portion of my income and without a car, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to make the twice a week journey to my nanny gig. 

I love those babies and their family so much. The thought of not being with them breaks my heart. They are getting older now and probably won’t need me much longer. They’ll be going to school full time before I know it and that’s what makes this decision so difficult. I’m going to be forced to take some time off until I can get a vehicle. 

My fiancé is considering taking a job that he doesn’t want, for me. I would have the ability to take some time off work and catch up on my schooling. We could save up for a car and I could go back to work. We would be able to buy a house sooner. We could finally enjoy the water instead of always feeling like we are drowning. 

I’ve never felt like that before, like I wasn’t drowning. But, I’ve managed to be content with life for the most part. I’m wondering if these changes will really make us any happier. People always want more. When I have my house and I’ve finished my degree will I be happy or will I want more? I am already exhausted. For me, success will be maintainable contentment. I was going to add “and nominal pain levels” to that but I feel like that is probably asking way too much. 😉 

What do you do when you feel like your drowning? How do you prioritize and make decisions? 

Stay sexy Spoonies! 

Sex Shy

Sex Shy

Recently, I was shocked to learn that many people are too shy to talk about their sexual concerns, even with their doctors!

Your health and happiness are too important to ignore your intimacy issues and sexual concerns!

Try talking to a nurse or doctor of the same sex as you, that you don’t normally see instead of your regular general practitioners or gynecologist. That way, you don’t have to worry about your doctor recalling your odd sex questions every time you go for a visit. If you’re too shy for even that, consider online appointments or a phone consultation.

Better Than Sex Ed has a sex ed hotline and you can even text them. They promise educated professionals will answer any and all embarrassing questions. It’s not a gossip line for sexual advice. The service is for questions regarding reproductive health, STDs, pregnancy, birth control, UTIs and reproductive rights. They also provide resources and information to help you communicate with your partner. They are certified by the California Family Health Council.
Teens Have Choices provides answers to more than just questions stemming from sexual curiosity. You can ask anything anonymously, through their website. It is also a great resource for parents.
Planned Parenthood provides a sexual health hotline that is free and confidential. There is also an option for online chat, a sexual education hotline and an option to text questions and concerns. Other resources can also be found on the Planned Parenthood website.
Becky provides a very extensive list of emergency hotlines, always good to have on hand.
To report abuse, call 911 and contact RAINN. RAINN has a 24 hour hotline for sexual assault victims and resources for friends and family.

I hope these resources help you answer all your embarrassing sex questions! Stay sexy, Spoonies!

No Valentine

No Valentine

This is supposed to be a blog dedicated to spoonie romance and I didn’t do a Valentine’s post! I feel like a complete and total failure. Okay, that’s probably a bit harsh. Maybe the day has become too commercial or controversial with the rise of Singles Awareness Day. 😉 Maybe it doesn’t mean as much to Spoonies because we understand the importance of self care and know that true intimacy isn’t provoked by a box of chocolates. Is that too much of a stretch? Chocolates are nice but who really needs all that sugar anyway?

Romance shouldn’t be reduced to just one day and cheapened by greeting card companies. You deserve to be celebrated and appreciated everyday and so does your partner. I’m not trying to sound bitter. Go all out on Valentine’s Day if that’s your thing but don’t use that as an excuse to neglect yourself or your partner the rest of the year. Most spoonies are probably making time for self-care every week, like a bubble bath, but are you making the same dedication for relationship-care? When was the last time you had a date night? No time for that? Try to fit in time for coffee or even just phone sex. Try anything that has the potential to help you reconnect. Go for a couple’s massage or a bike ride in the park. Maybe you can’t get out of bed and you don’t feel sexy. Have your partner cuddle or just lay in bed with you and read romantic poems to each other. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy these creepy Robert Browning poems. We are trying to save money this month so my fiancé bought me live tulips instead of cut flowers and he is learning a cheesy song (that he hates) on the guitar for me. Cheap and incredibly sweet! If I can keep these tulips alive and learn to care for them properly, the bulbs will multiply and I’ll have more next year! Tulips are my favorite flower. I’m slightly intimidated by how much care they need so if you have any tips, please let me know!

It doesn’t have to be a holiday to treat yourself or your partner. You’ll both be happier if you celebrate yourself and each other more often. If you’re single, you’re free to pamper yourself twice as much! 😉 So go ahead and add some rose petals to your bath, you deserve it!

Celebrate yourselves, sexy Spoonies!

How I Nearly Became Bitch Bot

How I Nearly Became Bitch Bot

I know Halloween is over but I just couldn’t resist sharing this scary cautionary tale. This is a horror story about how I was nearly transformed into some kind of bitchy robot under the supervision of my doctors. In addition to Fibromyalgia, I have a few other conditions and ailments. It is not uncommon for those with chronic illnesses to battle a myriad of health issues. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve suffered such a mishap. A lot of the fibromyalgia drugs the doctors were experimenting with early in my diagnosis left me feeling like an angry, depressed zombie. Buspar is what made me finally realize how dangerous prescription medications could be. It’s also when I realized that my doctor may not always know what is best for me.

Fibromyalgia makes dealings with your emotions more difficult. Not just because of the high pain levels and lack of sleep. Fibromyalgia greatly intensifies all your feelings. This may not be an issue when you’re feeling blessed but if you’re angry or upset, it’s easy to become irrational. When I was first diagnosed, I had a really hard time dealing with my anger and feelings of disparity.

It turned out to be more than just Fibro though. I learned that I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The diagnosis explained a lot of issues such as the debilitatingly painful periods, irregularity, moodiness, adult acne and way too much hair growth. Hormonal imbalances are difficult enough to deal with without factoring in invisible illnesses too. Many with fibromyalgia also suffer from hormone troubles. So, my doctor put me on some medicine. A water pill, sounded harmless enough so I added it to the many other pills I was taking for my various health issues. At first, I felt like I got a week out of every month back! The cramps that normally forced me to stay in bed for days were practically gone and my face was clearing up. But then, I noticed my hair was falling out and the unwanted hair growth hadn’t slowed down much. Despite not getting the exact results I was looking for, my doctor urged me to stick with it. So, did for about a year but I just didn’t feel satisfied with the results I was experiencing so I decided to gradually stop taking the medication.

Now, I am completely off of the water pill and trying to treat my PCOS naturally. I am realizing what a bitch I’ve been the last year! Those pills may have relieved my cramps and night sweats but they were turning me into an ungrateful hag without me even noticing! I can tell when I’m being bitchy because I’m about to start so, I try to tone it down but I never realized all the affects that medication was having on me. This could be potentially dangerous! Not just to my health but to my well being and relationships. I’ve been sweeter since I stopped taking the medication and I can see a difference in the people around me. I’m more pleasant to be around and everyone is happier because of it.

So the moral of the story is, listen to your body. Doctors may know more about medicine but you know more about your body than anyone else. My doctor didn’t listen to me so I was forced to take my health into my own hands. I think this is something that many with invisible illnesses battle on a regular basis. It’s unfortunate that good doctors are so hard to come by but you deserve to have someone listen to you and take you seriously. Don’t give up and don’t just blame new symptoms on old diagnoses. If you didn’t find my horror story that scary, you should have experienced the point of view my poor fiancé gallantly endured. 😉

Having a chronic illness or hormone imbalance will definitely change you but you don’t have to lose yourself in the journey to wellness. Take advantage of this time and allow yourself to grow and explore new things. Do your own research. Listen to your body and confidently do what it’s telling you. Maybe you need to switch doctors but that’s better than falling into a deep depression because your treatment plan is forcing you to lose touch with your true self. Your treatment should make you feel
better, not worse or indifferent. Take charge of your health by looking within yourself and determining what you really need. Find someone you can share your experience with. You should definitely have a team of doctors you trust but to heal yourself you’ll need love and spiritual guidance as well. Chronic illnesses take a toll on your body, mind and soul.

Get happy, be sexy!