Recovering: A Rant

Recovering: A Rant

I am now recovering from my oral surgery. I want to inform readers that this blog has evolved into something like a diary. I do try to add helpful posts about spoonie dating and natural pain relievers and anti-inflammatories as well but not as often as I’d like. 

I am writing tonight to remind people that they can’t just read one post and think they know what’s best for me. There are ups and downs in everyone’s lives, especially those with chronic illness. 

It’s not all in my head. 

It’s not because I’m missing something spiritually. 

My pain doesn’t give you the right to judge me and it doesn’t make me a bad person. 

I can’t pray the pain away. It doesn’t work like that.  

The devil is not causing my pain. 

I am human and I use this blog to vent sometimes because I know others here are going through similar things but maybe I shouldn’t reveal so much here. Perhaps it’s become too personal because people seem to think they know what’s best for me. 

I have improved quite a bit. I am maintaining well but everyone has bad days. When you have to take two steps back, sometimes it can be depressing. Pain can be depressing, isolating and overwhelming. Especially when it isn’t taken seriously. 

If you knew me, you’d see that I have taken a lot more forward steps than backwards steps. I’ve done a shitload of research and clinical trials. If I just listened to my doctors, I’d be bedridden. I took my health into my own hands and I’m glad I did. 

I am positive. I am happy. That doesn’t mean I’m not in pain and it doesn’t get to me sometimes. 

I am a fighter. I always will be so if you feel the need to pass judgment, you can fuck off. You’re not better than me because you’re not in constant pain. 

The pain is not a choice. It’s not in my head. Well, except for the migraines and headaches. 😉

Some helpful posts you can look forward to reading soon-

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  • Apps that help maintain chronic illness and stress
  • Heath benefits of sex

Sorry for the rant. Stay sexy spoonies.