Oh, Hello

Oh, Hello

Since going back to school, I’ve pretty much had a constant migraine. A tension headache at the least. 

It’s like I have no down time now. I feel like I should be studying every extra minute I have. 

I’ve managed fine up to this point. I have already finished my first term, months early. Now, the class I’m in requires a lot of reading. I read my textbook online because it’s free. Having an actual book would be easier on my eyes but it’s also expensive. I’ve changed the settings on my laptop so that it’s easier in my eyes. I take frequent breaks and stretch but my study time always seems to get cut short because I keep getting these excrutiating headaches. 

I’ve had stress headaches all my life. They were really bad in high school but I thought I finally had them under control. Apparently, not. 

I am going to try to limp along until summer. I won’t be working as much. I am hoping that will ease these headaches a bit. Otherwise, I’m going to have to choose between work and school and I really don’t want to drop out of another Bachelor’s program. Especially, since I’m actually excited about this one. I really want to be a teacher. I had dreams of becoming a librarian but that’s even more schooling! I’m feeling kinda hopeless and discouraged. 

I’ve been planning on posting about spoonie dating sites and dating with chronic illness but I can barely stand to look at any screens. I would like to get that post out soon so I’m going to make that a goal for the weekend. 

So check back soon for some chronic illness dating tips and stay sexy spoonies!


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