Aphrodisiacs and Anti-Inflammatories

Aphrodisiacs and Anti-Inflammatories

Feeling fickle or undesirable? Finding it hard to get in the mood because your joints are inflamed, you’re exhausted and you feel just plain unattractive?

farmers market

You get out what you put in. I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times, but that doesn’t make it any less true. The proper foods can help ease chronic pain as well as many medications and food is generally much less harmful. There are no side effects or dangers unless you have an allergy.


I believe Doctor Mark Hyman said it best, “What you put at the end of your fork is more powerful medicine than anything you will find at the bottom of a pill bottle. Food is the most powerful medicine available to heal chronic disease, which will account for more than 50 million deaths and cost the global economy $47 trillion by 2030.”


Foods that Reduce Inflammation


Olives and Olive Oil, Cherries, Walnuts, Apples, Carrots, Oranges, Strawberries, Blueberries, Spinach, Avocado, Broccoli, Salmon, Yogurt

mixed fruit

Foods that Increase Energy


Dark Chocolate, Almonds, Bananas, Salmon, Greek Yogurt, Citrus, Ginger, Coconut



Cherries, Salmon, Chilies, Chocolate, Walnuts,  Bananas, Avocado, Red Wine, Oysters, Pomegranate, Vanilla

Haddock in a red sauce

So, grill some fish, pour some wine then have some cherries and dark chocolate for dessert! You’ll have more energy, less inflammation and you’ll be ready for some action! Nothing else makes a bigger impact on your body than the food you put in it. Dedicate next Saturday morning to taking your significant other to the Farmer’s Market and maybe even a picnic. Don’t forget to stretch if you’ve got a long drive ahead of you! The sweet smell of the fresh produce and the sunshine will lift your spirits. Not to mention, you’ll get the blood flowing while walking around the market. Check out http://www.localharvest.org/to find a Farmer’s Market near you.

There’s no better bonding than preparing a meal with someone and it cuts your cooking and chopping duties in half, allowing you to conserve your energy. One skillet dishes are easiest and help minimize clean up. My favorite way to cook fish is in the oven in a foil pouch. I coarsely chop my vegetables and layer them with the fish in the middle, add a little butter, some fresh lemon slices and seasoning to taste. I love it because I don’t have to stand over the hot stove to keep everything from burning. You can just toss it in the oven and enjoy a glass of wine!  Leave the clean up for later. You’ve got better things to do. 😉 You and your lover might not be able to wait to get back to the bedroom after such a romantic outing and all those aphrodisiacs!

Eat healthy, be sexy!


Essential Essential Oils

Essential Essential Oils


My curiosity about essential oils developed after I started using more natural products. I have always tried to shop cruelty-free but only in recent years have I learned about all the dangerous chemicals some companies use in their products. I started researching essential oils after I discovered my now favorite lotion. It’s full of natural analgesics, relaxants and anti-inflammatories like birch bark, eucalyptus and lavender.

At first, I was a little intimidated but once I started learning about different oils, I couldn’t wait to start trying them. My favorites are, lavender and peppermint. I mix six drops of peppermint and four drops of lavender for every ounce of carrier oil. The mixture eases tension and helps alleviate muscle aches. I use coconut oil as my carrier oil because it has so many health benefits, its easy to find and readily available. It is really good for your skin all by itself and in my opinion, it is one of the best values. You can use whatever carrier oil you prefer. Beware of allergies! A ratio of one drop of essential oil to one teaspoon of carrier oil creates a mixture with one percent potency. It may not sound like much but mixtures aren’t usually made with more than a ten percent concentration. Essential oils are very powerful. Many don’t even need to be applied to the skin to be beneficial. Aromatherapy is used to alleviate pain and improve well-being.


Essential Oils for Headaches

These oils can be used together or separately to help alleviate many different types of headaches from migraines to gastric headaches.



Essential Oils for Inflammation & Muscle Aches



Essential Oils for Muscle Pain



There are a myriad of Aphrodisiacs

Clary Sage
Ylang Ylang

Essential oils have become really popular recently But this is no fad, the benefits of essential oils are real and they range from cleaning aids to pain relievers to aphrodisiacs! It’s important to do your research and only purchase quality, natural oils. Learn about the attributes and uses of different oils. Many oils are for aromatherapy only and should not be applied to the skin because it can cause irritation. Some essential oils are not meant to be ingested.

What are your favorite oils and carriers? Do you use essential oils more for massage or aromatherapy?

I got my info from, http://www.massagetoday.com/mpacms/mt/article.php?id=14048,http://www.nourishingtreasures.com/index.php/2013/03/29/essential-oils-101-using-essential-oils-for-headaches/ and  http://ashleyturner.org/aromatherapy/5-essential-oils-for-love-sensuality/

Have fun, be sexy!


Spoonie Clothing Line

Spoonie Clothing Line

I am supposed to be working on a post about essential oils and I am trying but I’ve been distracted by the idea of a spoonie clothing line.
This would be something designed for spoonies and by spoonies. Wearing professional business attire is uncomfortable enough but for spoonies, those zippers, buttons, clasps, pockets and closures are like little torture devices. With the right materials and considerations, I think we, spoonies could design a comfortable and functional line of clothing that wouldn’t be so painful. Underwear also causes a lot of discomfort as well as lingerie. Spoonies have the knowledge to make these issues of the past and of course we can design loads of cute tees to raise awareness! Okay, maybe I’m getting a but ahead of myself here but I feel like this is a venture worth exploring!
Half my energy is wasted trying to find an outfit that I can tolerate all day and what I end up wearing isn’t typically that flattering. So, I feel frumpy and inadequate and honestly, it’s ridiculous to let my wardrobe make me feel that way. I enjoyed making clothes when I was younger. My quirky fashions got me lots of attention but I wouldn’t know where to begin from an entrepreneurial standpoint. So, I welcome any ideas and feed back. All are welcome to join me on my crusade!
Have fun, be sexy!

Crazy Busy Week

Crazy Busy Week

Finally using the oxygen therapy for my cluster headaches. I am so excited to say that it’s helping! I am working on a post about essential oils. It’s coming along slowly though. I have not had the time or energy to dedicate to writing lately. My schedule should be lined out by early September and I will be free to post more frequently. Yay!

I’ve been doing a lot of altering and it’s really making my hands hurt. I have not been able to wear any of my bras that clasp in the back because it hurts to have that thing rubbing on my spine all day so i decided to splurge a little. I went to Penny’s on Saturday because that’s when everything is on sale and I got 2 yoga bras for the price of 1! My boobs feel like they’re floating. I highly recommend all spoonies try a yoga bra. Nylon, spandex and cotton seem to be the perfect mesh of materials. Also, got the softest and most presentable looking pair of sweat pants that I’ve ever seen! They are so soft and comfortable I wish I’d gotten 3 pair! I am glad I didn’t though because I got a $10 coupon with my receipt so as long as I go back before the end of the month, I’ll be able to get another pair for like $7! It would have been a good weekend if I hadn’t been feeling so crappy but at least my boobs are happy!

This sparked another thought, a spoonie clothing line! I used to make my own clothes when I was younger. It was lots of fun. No one is tailoring a line of clothing for people with chronic pain. No one takes into consideration the sensitive areas on our bodies. Strategically placed zippers and clasps could make a big difference in my wardrobe. If anyone is interested in this idea please let me know! I’d love to collaborate and design something!
There will be more on this later! 😉
Have fun, be sexy!

Alleviating Different Types of Pain

Alleviating Different Types of Pain

There are seven types of pain associated with fibromyalgia. This is not news to spoonies but, knowing how to alleviate the pain might be. These types of pain are not limited to fibromyalgia fighters, many people with chronic illnesses suffer from these and more. All this pain can easily lead to a lack of sleep and leave you feeling cranky and exhausted.


Types of Pain-
Migrating Aches
Random Stabbing
Stinging Prickles
Over Stimulation

holding pills
For Hyperalgesia, Paresthesia and Allodynia, relief often comes in pill form. Touch usually makes these types of pain worse. Wearing nonrestrictive clothing and regulating body temperature can help keep these pains from becoming too much to handle.


Random stabbing pains and migrating aches are often soothed by warmth and gentle massaging. Massage can aggravate certain types of pain but it has been proven to alleviate others, even tension headaches. Hitting the right pressure points can also help relief nausea!


Stinging prickles, often referred to as sparkler burns, and over-stimulation can be combated with rest and meditation.

It is important to understand all of these different types of pain in order to best facilitate your needs. It may sound silly but devoting time to proper self care can greatly reduce the amount of pain you’re in. Take the time to stretch and meditate or just sit with your thoughts in a quiet place. Reconnect with yourself and understand why you feel the way that you do. Stress can easily manifest itself physically, creating tension that you carry in your neck, head and back. So, remember not to be too hard on yourself if you don’t get everything done or meet every deadline. Leave some time for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it. You deserve to feel the best you can. Don’t give up on yourself because you are overwhelmed with pain and fatigue. Take a bubble bath, read a book, get a massage, buy yourself a little something, treat yourself because you are worthy of it!

So, there are a few things that I cannot live without. I refer to these three things as my Calm Kit. I would never want to be without them. Using them has made a huge difference in my daily life. I love Omvana! It is a meditation app for iPhone. There are probaly hundreds of guided meditations to choose from. Some are long, some are short, some are for weight loss, others are for creativity or stress some are just sounds or instruments. Bottom line, just download one of these apps and give it a try. If you stick with it, you’ll be surprised at how helpful it can be. I also cannot live without Two Old Goats Fibromyalgia and Arthritis Lotion, Balm and Bar Soap. It is all natural and it is very helpful for many different types of pain, even allodynia! I order it off of Amazon  but I believe Ace Hardware also carries it. Mister Rodgers is the last thing I can’t live without. I keep a small book of Mr. Rodgers quotes in my purse and I read it when I am having a rough day. Emotions can be overpowering with fibromyalgia and many other chronic illnesses. If you can keep yourself calm and content, it reduces the chances of a flare so I encourage you to put a calm kit together to keep your pain and anxiety from ruining your day.

Have fun, be sexy!

Altering Old Lingerie

Altering Old Lingerie

I am working on a post about doing the dirty while you’re getting clean! Water can ease pain and absorb shock. Its also pretty damn romantic but It’s been a hectic week so, please stay tuned and enjoy this short post about altering lingerie! 😉
If you are like me, you can’t wear your nicest bras and panties anymore because the material isn’t comfortable or the clasps and hooks hit you in sore areas like the spine or hips. If you are good with a needle and thread, you can add some lace to the hip area of your bottoms. Cut two pieces of lace to be just wider than each hip bone then pin them to the front of the panties so you can cut accurately. Make sure your scissors are sharp! Then just replace the itchy, painful part of the panty with soft lace, ribbon or elastic. If the panties are too small, you won’t have to cut out part of the panty, just add the extra material in to make the bottoms more comfortable.
For bras that clasp in the back, over the spine, cut out the entire clasp then replace with elastic so you can stretch the bra and put it on like you would a tee shirt. Make sure the elastic is cut wide enough so that the new seams fall on each side of the spine and not on it.
I was fed up with not being able to wear some of my favorite and sexiest underwear so one day I just started cutting then I just stitched everything together by hand. It’s not as daunting a task as it seems and I am so glad I can wear my favorite bras again!
Use some lace like this, http://spandexworld.com/c3/catalog/browse/39, and your alterations can still be sexy! You can find stretchy lace trim at most craft stores and even Wal-Mart. Check out this site for tutorials on how to alter just about any lingerie, http://www.bratabase.com/knowledge/bra-alterations/.
Good luck! Be sexy!

The Benefits of Steamy Sex

The Benefits of Steamy Sex

I have a special yoga routine that I like to do in the shower when my muscles are extra sore and tight. It is basically just the sun salutation poses but I’ve slightly modified them for safety and space. The steam helps warm up those stiff muscles and tendons, making you less prone to injury. And a steamy, hot shower is good for more than just doing yoga and washing your hair. 😉
Water is undeniably good for you, inside and out. Water aerobics are recommended for people with chronic illnesses because it’s easier to move and stretch in the water. Swimming is a much gentler form of cardio than biking or running. You’re lighter and usually have better endurance in the water. People who spend more time in the water are often happier too! I’ll bet its because getting on in the water is so much fun!
In the pool, you’ll probably need a float for certain positions and use the the steps for others. Your buoyancy will work in your favor. Switching positions often can keep you from developing more aches and pains. While trying new positions in the water is fun and exciting, you must also be careful. Salt water or excessive amounts of chlorine and other chemicals may cause irritation. Using a female condom can curb some of these issues. A standard bathtub can be cozy and romantic especially if you light a few candles and throw in some rose petals. Be mindful of slippery areas when switching positions. Any loss of grip could be quite disastrous when your surrounded by water and lit candles. Dim lighting, the sound of flowing water and steam create the perfect atmosphere to unwind. Warm water helps loosen tight muscles and ease tension so sex in a steamy shower has the potential to leave you feeling more relaxed than you normally would be, after either. There are many water compatible lubricants and toys available to meet your needs so have fun and be sexy but don’t forget to be safe!

Remember, sex in public is illegal and dangerous and STDs and pregnancy are still possible consequences in the water. Always exercise caution and good judgment.

Yoga for Pain Relief and Better Sex!

Yoga for Pain Relief and Better Sex!

      I love doing yoga. It soothes my body and mind. It melts away tension and relaxes my muscles. It is excellent for chronic pain and many people believe it can make sex more sensational too! Some of my favorite poses actually do both.

Poses for Better Sex

  • Downward dog
  • Tree
  • Bridge
  • Shoulder stand
  • Savasana


Poses for Pain Relief

  • Supported Warrior
  • Butterfly
  • Standing Yoga Mudra


  • Nesting pose
  • Supported Backbend Pose
  • Supported Forward Bend


Poses for both

  • Cat/cow
  • Cobra
  • Plank/Wall Plank
  • Supported Bound Angle Pose

I also wanted to share the yoga routines I put together for easing cramps and another for poses that aid in digestion and stress relief. All of the ones I’ll be sharing are beginner’s poses. I learned the cycle yoga from an outstanding book I read by Cathy Margolin called, Stop Your Bitching. I highly recommend it. You can get it here, http://stopyourbitching.com/. I found it on Amazon at a great price for the Kindle edition. The routine I created to ease my IBS and stress was created from articles I read in Yoga Journal and Prevention.



Cycle Yoga

Yoga for Digestion and Stress Relief

You’ll be amazed at what a difference doing a few key stretches every day can make! From increasing blood flow to easing stress and muscle aches, yoga may be the secret to staying flexible in life and in the bedroom. You don’t have to spend hours doing restorative yoga or lock yourself in a hot room to reap the full benefit. So don’t be intimidated, start with a few easy poses for a few minutes each morning, just to loosen up a little. Eventually, you can create your own routine based on your needs. I would be happy to assist you by helping you decide which poses would be best for you and making a printable chart with instructions. There are also apps available like Sworkit. I love Sworkit because it allows you to work-out or do some yoga anywhere, anytime. You pick the routine you want to do and the length of time you have available, no equipment needed. You can set the timer for as little as five minutes, making this a great app for spoonies trying to be more active.

Be sexy! Have fun!